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Welcome to Freedom Friends Church

Finding a Spiritual Home

We live in an age of spiritual renegades, refugees and ramblers. Most people have some spiritual beliefs, and consider themselves to be spiritual persons, but many have written off organized religion all together. Yet there is a craving for a true spiritual home.

  • A place where you don’t have to fake to fit in
  • A place where they know your name
  • People who see your ugly bits and like you anyway
  • A place where you can talk honestly about your doubts and beliefs
  • A balance between comfort and challenge
  • A place to give your best stuff for a cause you believe in
  • People who walk their talk, and ask you to do the same
  • A place where God shows up and you can feel it

Don’t give up on finding a place like this
Your souls needs a home as much as your body does!

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